Artist: The Somnambulants
Release: Evacuation
Label: Clairaudience Recordings © 2004

Brooklyn sweethearts, the Somnambulants have been making music since the dawn of this century. Although that isn't a long time, musically The Somnambulants go back to about 20 years ago, taking their cues from early 80's synthesizer sounds (circa Human League). Much like the Human League, this local duo is made up of male and female vocals (although there are contributions from other artists aside from the two principals). They manage to seamlessly toggle between the two throughout the album, while keeping a consistent feel. To put them into modern context, The Somnambulants sound would land them somewhere between Soviet and I Am The WTC.

The full-length CD, made up of 9 instantly catchy tracks (+1 remix), was preceded by the release of "Evacuation" which appeared on the Electroclash Compilation 2. That said, I am happy to announce that The Somnambulants (much like Ladytron and Soviet) have little to do with the "clash" aspect of electro—aligning themselves more closely to their New Wave predecessors. "In Transit", "Streamline" and "Things Will Happen" are the standout tracks on the CD, but the whole of it will get your feet tapping without you even realizing.

Pronunciation: säm-'nam-by&-l&nts
Function: electro pop
Definition: brooklyn-based duo, creating music that'll make you do anything but sleepwalk.


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