"Burning Daylight" on BBC's Skins

Catch "Burning Daylight" by The Somnambulants at the end of Episode 1 in Season 3 of the BBC series Skins. (It's right at the end when Cook and Effie hook up!)

"Radio Pop Music" on iTunes


This new track, "Radio Pop Music", was first envisioned in 2003 after the Martin Bashir documentary "Living with Michael Jackson" aired on ABC. The mix was completed in 2007 and will be included in the upcoming Somnambulants album (in progress). In honor of Michael Jackson's memorial event, the track is being released early via iTunes and other digital distribution outlets. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Michael Jackson for all that he has done for music. The Somnambulants - Radio Pop Music

The Somnambulants Remix for Pocket featuring Robyn Hitchcock

The Somnambulants' remix of Pocket's new single "Surround Him With Love" (featuring Robyn Hitchcock) is available now through Other Music. It's the first of a series of new singles to be released by Pocket in 2009. Learn more (and listen) here.

The Somnambulants on PlayGround Mag

The Somnambulants created a special video PlayGround Mag. PlayGround Mag is a music blog in Spain that has been asking their favorite artists to shoot themselves playing a song in their homes with either a "good morning" or "good night" message.

The Somnambulants on PBS Roadtrip Nation

Road Trip Nation 2008 on PBS"Take It On" by The Somnambulants is being used in the title opener for Roadtrip Nation on PBS. Another Somnambulants song - "Water Colors" - can be heard in the background of Episodes 3 and 4. Both songs are from Paper Trail, available through CD Baby, iTunes and other distributors.

KEXP podcast


"Eyes on the Road" by The Somnambulants is featured in the KEXP podcast (issue #79).

Click here to download via iTunes .

Download the MP3 directly here.

New release - Paper trail

coming 8/21/2007

CD Release Party: August 23

CD Release Party

New video - take it on

from the upcoming album, "paper trail"

Take It On | YouTube | Download for iPod (mp4)

other news

half nelson soundtrackReleased August 8, 2006: Half Nelson: Original Motion Picture Soundrack, featuring The Somnambulants' song, Evacuation. The film grabbed "Best Feature" at the Sundance Film Festival and recieved Oscar nominations for Best Actor.