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The Tris McCall Report - June 30, 2003

They're a super-cute boy/girl synthpop duo; less hipsterish than Mommy & Daddy but operating on a similar logic. Their robotic dance moves were reminiscent of those of Emily Haines of Metric -- even if theirs weren't quite so disturbingly automated. There was something indisputably human about the Somnambulants' machine-driven performance, frayed around the edges and warm even as they presented cool, striking synthetic textures. Songwriters first and electronic pioneers second -- that'd be my guess.

The Village Voice - May 21-27, 2003

The Somnambulants...are more indie-pop-influenced than most of their contemporaries, and that, I think, is a good thing. The Somnambulants are a girl with Edie Sedgewick hair and a boy...doing a stunning imitation of "Junk Culture" -era OMD. - May 25, 2003 - by Jason E Macierowski

The Somnambulants...a boy/girl two piece of bass, synths, drum machine, vocals and dancing. ...Fun music for having fun to and dancing. I don't think either band member stopped dancing the entire time, and oh my, they actually got some Boston people moving a little bit (Boston-ites being second only to religious zealots in their aversion to shaking their moneymaker). They are also the starters of the NYC Clairaudience Collective which helps local electronic music groups get going and all.

The Boston Globe - May 23, 2003 - by Sarah Tomlinson

Heard, not scene
Electropalooza welcomes everyone by playing up the bands and beats of electro music while playing down the movement's clubby trendiness...
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Oil Productions / Crashin' In review by Lio Carezo

The Somnambulants are an incredibly hard working two piece. Not only do they work to promote their fellow bands through The Clairaudience Collective, but they make their own form of dance tunes with The Somnambulants. Drawing influences from post punk and new wave greats you can often hear their sound taking many different directions throughout the cd. At times the music is soft, elegant and beautiful, then at times it vears off in a rough, dark,and edgy direction. Seeing the crowd dance throughout "Things Will Happen" assures me of great things to come.